Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Redneck Margajito

This is a take on two of my favorite drinks--the mojito and margarita. I took my cowboy friends redneck margarita recipe and fused it with my own mojito supreme.

What you'll need:
12oz of your favorite American white trash light beer, such as Miller, Keystone, or Pabst
1 drop of mint/peppermint oil or spirits
1 scoop Vasoxplode, Vasocharge, Primal N02, or other NO2 lemon/lime mix
1/4 cup Rum (or tequila)

Mix all ingredients in a bodybuilding shaker cup. Or use a margarita shaker if you want to be all fancy schmancy.


Total Cost: $2
Total Servings: 1 14oz serving

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